4 things you need for a good personal injury case

attorneysHow can I tell if I have a good personal injury case?

There are four basic keys to a good Personal Injury Case. If you can say yes to these, you may have a good case.

  1. Liability? Was someone or some entity at fault? (Were they careless, negligent, or did they otherwise do something unsafe?)
  2. Damages? Did their careless/negligent/unsafe acts cause you to be injured? Injury would include bodily injury but could also include emotional losses, or any financial damages such as wage loss, medical bills, property damage.
  3. Payment Source? If you have suffered damages, will you be able to collect financially? The best source would be insurance. Is the person or company insured for the incident that caused your injuries? (If there is no insurance, does the at-fault person/company have an ability to pay for your damages?)
  4. Evidence and Timing? What proof is there to show the at-fault party caused your damages? Photos? Records? Witnesses? These are important. In addition, when did the incident happen? Is it still within the “statute of limitations”? (In Pennsylvania, there is generally a two year deadline from the date a personal injury happened. However, there are exceptions and different types of torts which may have different deadlines. It is important to get a legal opinion on any such deadlines)