Do I have A Case?

Car accident?
Fell on ice or on unsafe property?
Missed time from work?
Insurance company giving you the run-around?
Insurance company won’t pay your medical bills or lost wages?

How do you pick the right injury lawyer?

You didn’t ask for this to happen to you. It wasn’t your fault.  Now you have the headache of dealing with the paperwork and worry about what will happen next.   You’re not the kind of person who likes to sue.  But, your bills won’t pay themselves.  Injured? There are at least 5 reasons you should not wait to see a doctor.

If any of this sounds like what is happening to you since your accident, you’re probably wondering, “Do I have a case?”

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we can help. Our lawyers have worked in house for large law groups defending cases.  That experience has given us unique insight into how the insurance companies and corporations that will oppose you think and defend your case.  We’ve developed strategies to successfully handle cases for our clients.  Learn about 6 things the insurance adjuster may try to use to underpay or deny your case.

We don’t let the insurance company push you around.  All you have to do is call us at 610-792-3304 or fill out the contact form.  We will give you a free evaluation of your personal injury case and there’s no obligation.

Each case is different, and injuries affect people differently.  But, there are factors critical to your question, “Do I have a case?”.

There are 4 main categories that help determine whether you have a case:

1. Liability.   Was someone or some entity at fault?  (Were they  careless, negligent, or did they otherwise do something unsafe?)

2. Damages.  Did their careless/negligent/unsafe acts cause you to be injured?
Injury would include bodily injury but could also include emotional losses, or any financial damages such as wage loss, medical bills, property damage.

3. Payment Source.  If you have suffered damages, will you be able to collect financially?
The best source is normally insurance.  Is the person or company insured for the incident that caused your injuries?  (If there is no insurance, does the at-fault person or company have an ability to pay for your damages?)

4. Evidence and Timing.  What proof is there to show the at-fault party caused your damages?  Photos? Records? Witnesses? These are important.  In addition, when did the incident happen?  Is it still within the “statute of limitations”?  (In Pennsylvania, there is generally a two year deadline from the date a personal injury happened.  However, there are exceptions and different types of torts which may have different deadlines.  It is important to get a legal opinion on any such deadlines)

Ok, so I think I have a case.  What will happen?

First, understand that the insurance companies spend vast amounts of money and time to become experts and pay as little as possible on your injury or claim.  They do this every day.  This may be the first time you’ve ever had to deal with an accident case or claim.  Plus, the legal system can be confusing and complicated.

Don’t depend on the insurance company to tell you what your case is worth.  They are not in business to make it easy for you. The insurance company adjuster’s job is to save the company money.  If you don’t hire an experienced lawyer, you may regret it.  The person or company that is at fault will have lawyers to protect on their side.

What can we do for you?

When you hire us, you can ease your worries.  See what clients have said about us.  We have helped many accident victims over two decades to successfully recover full compensation for their injuries and losses.

  • We will meet with you to give you an evaluation of your case and your options.
  • We will investigate the case, work to gather evidence and located witnesses and get necessary photos or scene identification.
  • We will work to obtain your medical records and other documents showing lost wages and damages.
  • When appropriate, we will file with the Court and develop discovery information and pleadings to best handle your case.
  • We will keep you informed from the start to finish and answer your questions.

Some of the cases we handle:

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