Need a dog bite injury lawyer?

dogBiteCaseWere you attacked or bit by a Dog?

PA Dog Law (3 P.S. Section 459-102 et seq) requires that all dogs be leashed or otherwise under an owner or keeper’s control.  The PA Dog Law applies to your case where you were injured because of being bit by a dog.

What does this mean for you?

  • A dog owner or keeper is responsible for your injuries if the Dog Law was violated
  • Dog bite by unleashed dog, off the owner’s property is a Dog Law violation
  • Dog owner or keeper’s failure to keep dog restrained/controlled is a Dog Law violation
  • If the dog knocked you down, even without a bite, there may be a Dog Law violation
  • Notify the Dog Warden for the County you were bit.  The dog must be quarantined for 10 days
  • See a doctor asap for any injuries
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions
  • Get photos of your bites/injuries asap
  • The homeowner’s (or renter’s) insurance for the dog owner may have insurance for your injuries
  • The homeowner’s (or renter’s) insurance for the dog owner may have “Med pay” coverage
  • “Med pay” is a separate line item of coverage for medical bills or even wage loss
  • There is no “one free bite” in Pennsylvania (the older version of the law was that if the dog was not off the owner’s property, there was a requirement to show a vicious propensity of the dog before the bite. Now, the vicious propensity can be proven by the fact of your bite)
  • recoverable damages include scarring, cost of repair of scarring, wage loss, medical bills, pain and suffering and future lost wages, bills and pain and suffering
  • Maybe you know the owner of the dog that bit you.  But, keep in mind, if they have homeowner’s insurance, the insurance company would pay for your damages, not the dog owner.  That’s why they bought insurance – to cover for damages if an incident happens.

We have handled thousands of cases over two decades, including taking dog bite cases to a jury trial  to get a verdict in cases where the insurance company for the dog owner tried to avoid responsibility for damages.   See what clients have said about us.  Give us a call for a free evaluation. In a few minutes we will give you an honest opinion of what can be done on your dog bite case. (610) 792-3304.