The following represent some of the Personal Injury results we have obtained for our clients:

$2.4 Million Settlement:  We achieved this recovery through Mediation during the COVID pandemic.  Complex “Dram Shop” case against a Drunk Driver and several Bars, with brain injuries to our client. Employing our years of experience, we compiled a comprehensive investigation of facts and evidence. We retained 5 Trial Experts including: a Neurosurgeon, a Life Care Planner to prove medical expenses, an Economist to prove lost earnings, a Physiatrist, and a Toxicologist to demonstrate the levels of intoxication of the drunk driver at the different bars.  We located and secured the testimony of critical eyewitnesses.

$305,000 Arbitration Verdict:  Recovery obtained in Chester County via Arbitration during COVID pandemic.  Shoulder Injury with dislocation and torn rotator cuff and Knee Injuries.  A highly intoxicated drunk driver hit our client head on.  We were successful in proving damages through three medical experts:  the treating orthopedic doctor, the primary doctor and a medical expenses expert.

$1.2 Million Recovery: Wrongful Death, failure to diagnose brain infection, Philadelphia County

$875,000: Serious car accident, head-on crash, brain injury, Limerick, Montgomery County

Jury Verdict: $157,000: Motorcycle accident, Route 322, Chester County; hip and back injury; this Jury Verdict we obtained for our client was more than 20 times higher than Allstate Insurance Company’s only offer ($7,500) before jury trial.  Overcame 2 defense experts.

$810,000: Truck accident near Route 100 Exton with RSD; we retained 5 experts including 2 engineers to prove case and overcome two insurance company Trial Motions.

$750,000: Complex products liability design defect, arm injury, involving large corporate auto manufacturer

$750,000: auto accident, back surgery with surgical hardware, rear ended on Route 100, Lehigh County

Six-Figure Confidential Recovery: Federal Court, products liability design defect with wrist fractures, involving exercise equipment, against multiple defendants including an international corporation.

Six-Figure Confidential Recovery: Federal Court, fall on ice in parking lot, ankle malleolar fractures and surgery, commercial property

$735,000: auto accident, car went through stop sign, near Skippack in MontgomeryCounty with back injury and shoulder surgery

$706,000 Arbitration Verdict: Recovery obtained in Montgomery County. Low back injuries with surgery, due to motor vehicle crash. We retained two medical experts to assist in proving damages

$650,000: fall at work on unsafe step, Pottstown, MontgomeryCounty with hand injury and surgery, RSD

$600,000: Bicycle accident with serious head injuries in MontgomeryCounty near 422 and Black Rock Rd

Six-Figure Confidential Recovery:  sexual assault, stalking by manager, BerksCounty

$500,000: Truck accident, complex leg/foot injuries, RSD as a pedestrian, near Route 422, MontgomeryCounty

$500,000: Pedestrian injury, neck surgery, Montgomery County

$450,000: Fight in bowling alley, serious eye injury, Chester County

$450,000: Trash Truck hit our client who was crossing the street.  Philadelphia.  Won court motion to obtain previous accident history records and driving history of truck driver, which resulted in the substantial recovery for our client.

$435,000: Car accident on Route 100, Pottstown, neck injury and aggravation of cervical fusion surgery, with nerve damage injury to neck.

$405,000: Car accident with injuries of tinnitus/ringing in ear, nerve injury and neck injury. Won two evidentiary motions as to pre-existing conditions. Successfully proved medical damages through both an expert facial surgeon/otolaryngologist and an expert pain management specialist.

$600,000 Recovery.  Motor Vehicle Collision in Chester County.  Multiple fractures with surgery.  We utilized an accident reconstruction expert to prove the other driver was at fault in a difficult case and also used two surgeon experts to prove the extent of the injuries.

$347,500 Recovery:  Motor Vehicle Accident on Route 113 in Collegeville, Montgomery County.   Low back and lumbar spine aggravation injury resulting in surgery.  We investigated the crash and mechanism of injury.  By retaining the treating spine surgeon as an expert witness, we were able to successfully prove that our client did suffer an aggravation to a pre-existing condition to his back.  We were able to prove and recover medical expenses, lost wages and extensive damages for pain and suffering as a result of the aggravation injury from the car accident.

$335,000 Recovery: Pedestrian Injury. Our client, a father of three children, was walking in a crosswalk when he was hit by a car. He suffered a knee injury requiring surgery. We were able to prove the injuries through: the treating orthopedic surgeon, the diagnostic films, and medical evidence. We successfully argued for and recovered double the amount of the “underinsured motorist” coverage for our injured client. We proved the insurance company did not follow insurance regulations.

$325,000: limited tort car accident car crossed double yellow line near 422 in Birdsboro, neck surgery

$312,000: Uninsured Motorist Claim, car accident near Route 73, facial fractures, Pottstown, MontgomeryCounty

Confidential Six-Figure Recovery:  Bar over-serves drunk driver who hits pedestrian, ChesterCounty

$315,000: auto accident car hit by Truck, personal injury, Route 100, Chester County

$250,000: Bad faith insurance claim against insurance company, Phoenixville, Chester County

$250,000: Verdict at Arbitration: Limited Tort accident, head injury, memory loss, Chester County

$250,000: Motor vehicle leg scarring case, near Pottstown, Route 100, Chester County

$250,000: Car accident, Douglassville, PA.  Route 562.  Back injury herniation and surgery.

Confidential Recovery:  Multiple defendants, defective surgical product, involving surgical device which failed during surgery, Montgomery County

$240,000 Recovery:  Chester County, car crash with aggravation of pre-existing low back, with surgery.  We utilized two Medical Experts and a Nurse Medical Cost Expert to prove the damages.

We used a certified appraiser’s inspection findings to prove the severity of impact.

$225,000:  Recovery for shoulder injury from fall, Royersford, Montgomery County

Jury Verdict:  3 times higher than best offer of Allstate Insurance, auto accident on 422, Montgomery County, back, neck, wrist injuries

$150,000 Recovery against Bar for serving drunk driver in car crash, Berks County, broken leg with surgery

$108,000: Motorcycle accident injury, near Route 73, car turned left in front, Montgomery County, hand injury and hand surgery

$100,000:  Drunk Driver rear-ended married couple’s vehicle, Route 1, Delaware County

Other Jury Verdicts, Bench Trial Verdicts and Arbitrations include: motor vehicle personal injury, products liability, dog bite attacks, “dram shop” cases against bars that serve drunk drivers.