Spine Injury Lawyer

spineInjuryInjured your neck or back?

  • Hurt in a car accident? Is so, your medical bills are paid by your auto insurance (Pennsylvania is “no fault” for medical). This means you use your auto insurance to see any doctor of your choice.  Your insurance will give you a claim number.
  • If you have symptoms, don’t wait to see a doctor (the best thing for you medically is to be treated and the other person’s insurance company will use a gap in treatment against you later).
  • Don’t hesitate to see a specialist if your symptoms concern you.  The doctor may ask if you are having symptoms which travel into your arms from your neck or your legs from your back.  The doctor may explain that those symptoms warrant you getting checked for a bulging disc, herniated disc or other spine injury.
  • ask your doctor about diagnostic testing.  Do you need an MRI? An EMG?
  • even if you had back or neck pain before the accident, if the accident worsened your back or neck, the at-fault insurance company or party is responsible for that exacerbation.  Pennsylvania Law allows recovery for these damages to you.
  • bring any film studies with you if you can when you see a specialist.
  • make sure you tell the doctor what is bothering you and what limitations you have.
  • don’t give any statements to the opposing insurance company.  Their goal is to minimize your claim.  Their goal often is to blame anything but the accident for your symptoms or deny that your symptoms are related to the accident.
  • don’t let the insurance company convince you that you don’t have a case because of limited tort or because of a previous condition.
  • if the accident worsened your neck or back, Pennsylvania Law allows you to recover for an exacerbation of your condition

The At-Fault Insurance Company Has a Plan – Do you?

The other insurance company’s plan is to minimize your claim.  Their goal is to get out of the claim by paying as little as possible to you.  How will they do this?  Here’s just a few things you may hear from their insurance company:

  • “minor impact” (‘The car accident impact was not enough to cause your back or neck injury’)
  • the defect that caused you to fall was “open and obvious”, or “you should’ve seen the defect”
  • you had a pre-existing condition
  • you don’t have a “serious injury”
  • your pain is not related to the accident
  • their in-house nurse case manager says the accident couldn’t have caused your injury
  • their insured driver says you didn’t look hurt at the scene
  • you waited too long to see a doctor
  • you have gaps in your medical treatment

Those are just a few of the things the at-fault insurance company may try to use against you.  We heard nearly every excuse possible from them.  More important, since we’ve already faced these arguments, we have developed strategies to put you in the best position to prevail.  As experienced spine injury lawyers, we work for your case.

Experienced Spine, Back Injury and Neck Personal Injury Lawyers

We have successfully represented clients for two decades with back and neck injuries.  We have worked hard to develop strategies to defeat the insurance company’s tactics to minimize your back injury or neck injury case.  We will work with your doctors to get reports into evidence to prove your injuries.

We have successfully litigated hundreds of neck and back injuries cases.  These have included car, truck, motorcycle crashes on Route 100, Route 422 and other road, falls on ice or unsafe property, work and construction site injuries.  Our attorneys combine over 60 years of experience to help you.

We will work to use witnesses from your everyday life, and expert witnesses, to counter the insurance company’s claims that your injuries aren’t serious or that the impact could not have caused your back or neck pain.  If another lawyer or an insurance agent told you that you don’t have a case – call us.

We have won recoveries and settlements for clients that were told by someone else they couldn’t help them.  We have brought in neuroradiology experts and biomechanical experts to prove the “cause” of back or neck pain related to an accident.

The bottom line:  you need an experienced accident lawyer who is willing to take the time to explain your options and work with you to develop a plan for your case.  We are ready to earn your trust.  See what clients have said about us.  Call us anytime for a free, confidential, no obligation, personal injury consult. (610) 792-3304.