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Check mark in boxNo Recovery, No Fee
If we don’t collect damages, you pay nothing

This is our promise that if we don’t win a recovery for you, you will not pay attorneys fees or costs.  How much will it cost to hire us? Not even a penny unless we get results for you on your injury case.

Many firms promise “no recovery, no fee”, but what they don’t tell you is that they will still make you pay file costs, such as litigation costs or expert costs, even if they don’t win a recovery.  We won’t do that.  The only way for you to lose money is if you do not take any action.  You will have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free legal consult and evaluation.  See what clients have said about us.

Free Consult & Case EvaluationCheck mark in box
Put our team of lawyers to work for you

It costs you nothing to discuss your case with us and we will provide you with a free case evaluation.  We provide you with options so that you can make an informed decision.

 Proven Track Record of SuccessCheck mark in box


We have successfully handled personal injury and accident cases for two decades in Pennsylvania. We have earned the respect of the insurance companies and the community.  See our Results and Testimonials.  See our recent Jury Verdict (click, then scroll down) obtained in Chester County.

Check mark in boxUnique Personal Injury Experience

Lead Personal Injury Counsel David Schreiber worked in-house for a large law group defending claims and now concentrates on representing injured people.  Managing Partner Thomas Wolpert worked at a large firm for corporate clients.  Our firm’s combined experience enables us to have unique insight into how the insurance company and corporations think and try to defend your case.  We have worked for injured clients handling hundreds and hundreds of cases.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident on 422 or fell on ice in a parking lot or icy steps, or whether you were a victim of an unsafe product… few personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania can match that combined experience. We will put that advantage to work for you.  That is just one of the reasons at PA Injury Case we can say, “We work for your case”.  Call today for a free consultation.  (610) 792-3304.

Check mark in boxOur Background: Hard Work and Academic Distinction

Our commitment to protecting the rights of working men and women is based on our own family histories.  David Schreiber’s grandfather, Frank Bossio, pictured below worked in factories in the 1900′s and imparted that work ethic into his family.

Frank Bossio

We are devoted to giving injured victims of negligence, and unsafe products and conditions the ability to obtain justice against large corporations and big insurance companies.

Our commitment extends beyond our cases.  We are actively involved in volunteer work in the community, which has included Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Rotary Club, Student Mock Trial Competitions.  Our Managing Partner, Thomas Wolpert, achieved the distinction of Valedictorian, graduating at the top of his Law School Class which has served as the springboard for developing a successful law firm over the past two decades.

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Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing legal representation to clients who have suffered from a personal injury. We focus personal attention to your case and to the legal issues critical in achieving a recovery. Our focus is on you, your needs, and your case. Each case gets our full attention. We achieve not only justice for our clients but strive for positive results to make our community safer for everyone.

Call us today for a free case evaluation at (610) 792-3304. Do not allow the insurance company to take control of your claim. When you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident, you need an attorney who has experience handling sensitive and difficult injury cases. We fight for full and just compensation for victims of personal injuries that resulted from car and auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, insurance claims and disputes, construction accidents, and defective products.

Need a lawyer for a car accident or truck accident on Route 422?  Car accident on Route 100 or Route 73? We have successfully litigated cases involving intersections and areas of these roads, maybe even the same one as your accident.  It can help your case to know whether there were previous car accidents or injuries there and how the insurance company tried to defend those cases.

We know how stressful the situation can be. We try to answer each of your questions and concerns. We handle all aspects of the case so you can focus on getting well and returning to your normal routines of life. The basic elements of any negligence case involve duty (the duty of the defendant to conduct themselves so as to not bring about harm to another), breach (the defendant breached that duty by their conduct or their failure to act), cause (the defendant’s failure was the direct cause of your harm or injury) and harm (you have suffered a real injury).

Establishing those four elements, including all aspects of ‘harm’ (medical expenses, lost wages, future medicals, loss of future earnings, pain & suffering, etc.) is the essence of what you want your attorney to do. In some personal injury cases, such as those involving situations where you have been assaulted, there are criminal issues which must be addressed as well.

If you were hurt in a car truck or bicycle accident or fell on ice and have RSD and need a lawyer, we have handled such cases and understand how to prove those injuries.  If you were injured or hurt with a back surgery or shoulder surgery and need a lawyer, we have litigated back and shoulder cases in court and won substantial recoveries for clients.

If you need a lawyer for a neck surgery or concussion or closed head injury due to a car accident or fall on ice or steps, we have handled many such cases in court for clients.  If you need a lawyer for a dog bite that caused scarring, we can rely on our experience in handling previous dog bite cases in court and are ready to help you recover.

Our office in Royersford, centrally located between Berks County, Chester County and Montgomery County Courthouses has enabled us to be familiar with local court practices and procedures unique to Berks County, Chester County and Montgomery County.

We will work hard to settle your case promptly and fairly, or go to court on your behalf, to get the full amount you are owed. The easiest case to settle is the one which is the most thoroughly prepared for trial. We offer free initial consultations and take personal injury cases on a contingency basis.

We understand that no amount of money is full compensation for a serious injury – your life has been permanently affected by the events which give rise to your case. Call us to arrange a consultation to discuss your case. There is no fee unless we obtain a recovery for you. If necessary, we will be happy to come your home or another convenient location to discuss your case.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                           

Q: Does it cost anything for you to review my case?
A: No. There is no charge for your initial conference with our office. If we accept your case, we will charge a percentage fee based on the recovery obtained either by settlement or verdict. If we are unable to collect money for you, no fee will be charged. You will be provided a clear, one-page written contract explaining our relationship at the outset.

Q: If my injury case is successful, what type of compensation can I receive?
A: Compensation for personal injury and insurance cases comes in two main forms:

Economic damages — costs and expenses, both past and future, that can be documented due to an injury or death. These can include medical expenses, lost wages and/or lost future income.
Non-economic damages — also called “pain and suffering” or “bodily injury” are payment for the effects of injury or death, including loss of life’s enjoyment, disability, pain, scars, and loss of relationships with family members.

Q: What if I want to bring a claim for a family member who died?
A: In cases where the claim is by a family for the death of a loved one, a family member or relative should be appointed as the personal representative of the victim’s estate. The personal representative then acts on behalf of the surviving family members.

Q: Should I sign a medical authorization from the other driver’s insurance company?
You should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer before signing anything on your claim.  Also, you are not required to provide an authorization to the other company.  In fact, for many reasons, it is to your advantage not to do so.

Q: The other driver’s insurance company says they need me to give a recorded statement.  Should I?
b:  We recommend to our clients not to do so, especially not without legal counsel present.  The other insurance company represents the interests of the other driver, not you.

Q: What is limited tort?
A:  Limited tort is a selection choice on your Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Policy that restricts your rights to recover for non-economic (“pain and suffering”) damages.  You must have a “serious injury”.  If not, you get nothing for pain and suffering.  We strongly recommend to clients to select “full tort”.  Get a quote from your insurance agent for full tort.  The extra cost is well worth it.  Full tort is what protects you and your family against the carelessness of others on the road.

Q:  What is “underinsured motorist” and “uninsured motorist” coverage?
A:  This coverage is extremely important.  Like full tort, it protects you and your family against the carelessness of other drivers who either don’t have adequate coverage for damages or who have no insurance.  If a car accident is the fault of the other driver, your rates would not increase if you made a underinsured or uninsured motorist claim.  You paid the premiums for that protection.

Q: How will I know what’s happening with my case?
A: We value your trust. We know that you want to be kept aware about your case. We make it a priority to keep you informed about the progress of your case at every step, and share all important decisions with you. You are encouraged to contact us at any time.

Q: What are your fees for handling my injury case?

A: There is no charge for your initial conference with our office. If we accept your case, we will charge a fee based upon a percent of the recovery obtained either by settlement or verdict. If we are unable to collect money for you, no fee is charged. We will fully explain the fee arrangement with you.  We provide a written accounting to clients when a case is concluded outlining the fees and expenses for your review and approval before any money is disbursed or any fees are taken.

We are Phoenixville area personal injury lawyers proudly serving Collegeville and Royersford communities.  We have successfully handled truck accidents that happened on Route 422, cases where our clients have been rear-ended by a bus in Limerick PA and car accidents on Route 100.  We are experienced accident attorneys ready to help you and your family.

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