Hand injury lawyer

handInjuryInjured your hand or arm?

If you suffered a hand injury due to a car accident or other incident such as a fall on an unsafe property or due to unsafe equipment, we can help you.

Here are some things to consider after your hand injury accident:

  • is there insurance for the at-fault person or company?
  • did you or have someone else get pictures of what caused your injured?  (For example, where you fell, or the damage to the cars, or the unsafe equipment).  You should get photos as soon as possible to preserve the evidence.
  • did you fully explain your injuries to your doctor?
  • have you considered seeing a hand specialist or asked your doctor if you should see a hand specialist?
  • have you taken photos of your injuries?

How we can help you in your hand injury case.

See what clients have said about us. We have successfully handled dozens of personal injury cases involving hand injury and arm injury for clients in Pennsylvania.  See some of our successes.

We have recently won a lawsuit where our client suffered serious hand injuries including open reduction internal fixation hand surgery due to a motorcycle accident on Route 73 near Boyertown, Pennsylvania.  we obtained a six-figure recovery.

We recovered a settlement for a client with RSD due to an unsafe truck.  There, we brought in two engineer experts to prove liability and worked with the client’s pain management specialist to prove the RSD was caused by the truck accident.  Another recent example was a six-figure recovery for a client who was injured when bit by a dog while he was working as an electrician – the hand injury involved compartment syndrome and cellulitis.

We work to investigate, locate and preserve evidence from the scene and witnesses for hand injury personal injury cases.   It is important to work as soon as possible to determine the best evidence.  The insurance company for the person or entity that caused your injury will be doing this.

The insurance company does this every day so that they can pay as little as possible on claims.   We will work with your hand specialist to obtain reports and documentation to show how your car accident, fall injury, or injury from equipment caused your injury.

If you are not able to continue to work, we are highly experienced with proving lost earning capacity (sometimes called lost future earnings) through the use of vocational experts.

We have litigated and successfully recovered damages for clients with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), carpal tunnel injuries, hand fractures with surgery and implantation of surgical hardware.

What can you expect if you contact a hand injury lawyer?

  • meet with you for a free case evaluation of your hand injury to provide you with your options and a plan for  how we could handle your case
  • explain what the insurance company is doing
  • investigate what happened, what evidence and witnesses exist and work to gather that information;
  • monitor your medical treatment with you including your medical bills;
  • when applicable, determine whether your health insurance will want to be repaid (sometimes called “subrogation”);
  • when needed, file the case with the appropriate court and work to litigate the case through pleadings,  discovery, experts and court/trial;
  • explain the steps of the case and answer your questions

Will you be able to get compensated for personal injuries due to your hand injury?

Examples of situations where you may recover damages include:

  • a car, truck, bicycle or motorcycle accident where the other driver caused the crash and you were injured;
  • you were a passenger in a car, truck or motorcycle;
  • a work or construction injury where your injury was caused by a defective condition or unsafe equipment;
  • you fell on ice or unsafe steps
  • a manufacturer, distributor, or seller of an unsafe product which you used caused your injury
  • you were bitten by someone’s dog

What about RSD Injuries?

RSD can be caused by traumatic crush injury to your extremities, including your hand.  We have fought against Insurance Company tactics in RSD cases.  We can explain to you what the insurance company’s game plan will be in your case.  They will often request that you be seen by their doctor to argue that you do not have “objective” signs of RSD.

The insurance company may do surveillance or request copies of your previous medical history to argue either the accident did not cause your RSD or that you do not have RSD.  The literature and study on RSD have advanced greatly in recent years.  As experienced personal injury lawyers who have argued RSD cases and worked with medical experts to prove these cases, we have learned strategies to prove your case.

Insurance Companies often look to avoid paying RSD injuries or carpal tunnel injuries.  Whether you suffer a hand injury in Montgomery County, Chester County or your local area such as Royersford, Collegeville or Phoenixville, Limerick, Douglassville, or Boyertown, or elsewhere, we would be happy to meet with you.  We make house calls.  There is no cost or fee to you unless we recover money for you.  Call us now for help.  (610) 792-3304.