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Insurance Company Won’t Pay

Remember that the other person’s insurance company is not on your side.  They’re not interested in being your neighbor or your friend.

Their goal is to get out of the claim by paying as little to you as possible so that they can maximize profits for their company and shareholders.

Think about it:  who usually owns the tallest building in most cities? They didn’t buy those buildings and pay for all those tv commercials by being generous in claims payouts

How do you choose the right lawyer for you?

In many instances, your own insurance company will treat you unfairly too.  This may include cutting off your medical coverage through a “peer review”, underpaying your property damage to your car, or lowballing you on an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist claim.

Pennsylvania Insurance Regulations require insurance companies to set a claims “reserve” (sometimes defined as the “ultimate probable value” on the claim).  Many adjusters are bonused on a scale based on how much they can save off the claim “reserve”.   The insurance company may have a plan, including using computer software called Colossus to lowball your claim.  What will you do in response?

Contact us before you speak to the insurance company.  (610) 792-3304

Without an experienced personal injury lawyer, if you try to deal with them on your own,  the insurance company will use all sorts of tactics to delay and then pay you less than what your case is worth.  We have obtained millions recovered for clients.  We have achieved this through hard work, paying attention to our clients, and using our experience to overcome the insurance company tactics.

What Can You Do?

Don’t make the insurance Company’s job easier.   Some examples:

  • Don’t give any statement to the other person’s insurance company
  • Don’t  sign any documents from the other person’s insurance company before checking with an experienced personal injury lawyer
  • Don’t sign a medical authorization for the other person’s insurance company (you are not required to do this)
  • Go to the doctor promptly when you have symptoms.  Don’t allow a gap in your medical treatment.  The insurance company will use this against you later to minimize your claim
  • Make sure the medical providers you see are qualified
  • Be as honest as you can be with the doctors and your symptoms – do not exaggerate or overstate your pain.  The insurance companies are experts at spotting that and it will hurt your case.
  • Take photos!  Take photos of your injuries, the damage to your car, and other things which may be evidence
  • Save receipts
  • Consider what people in your life could be “before and after” witnesses.  This is important corroboration evidence
  • When dealing with your own insurance company, make sure you ask for a copy of your policy and coverages.  You have an obligation to cooperate with your own insurance carrier for reasonable requests related to the claim
  • Watch what you say to the other person’s insurance adjuster.  You have the ‘right to remain silent’! Watch what you say. Even if you’re not giving a “statement”, they are taking notes on what you say.  Be wary of making offhanded remarks about your medical condition or how the incident happened.
  • Injured? 5 reasons you should not wait to see a doctor.

How we will help you

When the insurance company does pay, it’s based more on what their risk of damage “exposure” is that what the claim is worth.   Since you are not much of a threat to them without an experienced lawyer, their exposure risk is much less.   As an experienced personal injury law firm, we have two decades of experience in successfully handling personal injury cases.  There is no substitute for experience.  We have developed strategies to overcome the insurance company.  Our lawyers have also worked in-house for large law groups defending claims, so we know how the insurance company thinks.

We have faced just about every situation and know their tricks.   Whether you were injured in a car accident on Route 422, a motorcycle accident on Route 100, fell on ice or an unsafe property, or otherwise injured due to someone else’s carelessness, it costs you nothing to meet with us.   We can evaluate your case and provide you with a plan as to how we will handle your case.  We are ready to earn your trust.  If we don’t win a recovery for you, you will not pay any fees or costs.

How much will it cost you to hire us? Not a penny unless we get results for you on your personal injury case.   Other firms often promise “no recovery, no fee”, but what they don’t tell you is that they will still charge you for file costs, even if they don’t win a recovery.  Wolpert Schreiber P.C. won’t do that on your personal injury case.   Call us now at (610) 792-3304.  We are ready to earn your trust.

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