Suffered a Concussion or Head Injury?  

Do you have difficulty remembering things since the injury? Difficulty concentrating?

  • Other potential symptoms of a concussion can include:
  • Headache and/or neck pain
  • Dizziness and/or fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Feeling “out of it”
  • Balance issues
  • Attention difficulties

Are your family members noticing you are having changes in mood, memory, and depression?

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A concussion can happen even if you did not have a direct blow to your head.

A sudden deceleration (car crash) that shakes your head can cause a concussion.

Sometimes a “contrecoup” brain injury can occur from the opposite side of the brain hitting against the inside of the skull due to a traumatic force to the head.

Here is additional medical and factual information about concussions and brain injury:

Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have concussion symptoms from the accident, don’t wait to see a doctor!

The best thing for you medically is to be treated. The other person’s insurance company will use a gap in treatment against you later

Don’t hesitate to see a specialist (for example, a Neurologist or Concussion Specialist) if your symptoms concern you.

Even if you had another concussion previously, before the accident, the at-fault insurance company or party is responsible for any aggravation injury.  Pennsylvania Law allows recovery for these damages to you.

You should not give a statement to the opposing insurance company.  Their objective is to minimize the value of your claim.

We have handled many concussion and brain injury cases in both Pennsylvania State Courts and Federal Court.  Based on our extensive personal injury experience with concussions and head injuries, we have developed strategic plans of action to prove and win cases.  We know how the insurance company will try to oppose your case.  We’ve already handled similar cases! That experience is critical.  You want a lawyer on your side who has specific experience handling and winning concussion injury and head injury cases.

Through our 25+ years of experience successfully handling concussion injury and head injury cases, we are ready to work for you, including to:

  • preserve important evidence such as 911 tapes, scene evidence, and eyewitnesses
  • work with experienced engineer experts on your behalf when needed
  • work with critical medical treatment specialists such as a Neuropsychologist to prove cognitive injuries when appropriate
  • think outside the box to prove your damages and combat the opposing insurance company’s tactics

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