How do I pick the right Personal Injury Lawyer?

Ok, so you’ve been injured in an accident.  It wasn’t your fault.  

Maybe the insurance company is calling you and you aren’t sure what to do or who to trust.  How do you select a personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer that’s right for you and your case?  

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Whether you choose us or not, here are important questions to ask a lawyer to help you decide:

1. Does the lawyer concentrate in personal injury?  (You want someone who focuses their experience on cases like yours, representing injured people, not just someone dabbling in personal injury law).

2. What experience does the lawyer have handling cases against the insurance company involved in your case?  If so, does the lawyer know how this insurance company tries to deny or defend claims ?

3.Has the lawyer ever dealt with the insurance adjuster or claims office who is contacting you?

4. Has the lawyer ever dealt with the insurance lawyers or law firm who may end up opposing you?

5. Has the lawyer handled personal injury cases all the way through a jury trial and obtained successful verdicts for clients?

6. How much experience does the lawyer have in dealing with medical doctors hired by the insurance company to oppose your case?  And, you should ask about his or her experience dealing with cases where your own insurance company cuts off your medical benefits using a “peer review”.

7. Does the lawyer have any career experience in the defense of claims? (If the lawyer ever worked on the defense side of injury or disability claims, he/she may have unique insight into how the insurance company will try to oppose your injury or medical claim).

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David Schreiber concentrates in Personal Injury Law.  Day in and day out, he deals with the insurance adjusters and insurance companies in our area that try to oppose cases like yours.  He has litigated hundreds and hundreds of cases in the courts in our area dealing with the insurance defense lawyers like the ones that may become involved in your case.  In beginning his career as a lawyer defending claims, he is one of the rare attorneys who has handled cases both in-house for the defense and also for injured people like yourself.

That experience defending cases has given us unique insight into how the insurance company or defendant may try to limit or deny your damages.  Utilizing over 65 combined years of experience, we have developed strategies to maximize recovery for our clients.  We have proven results.  We are respected by the area insurance adjusters, insurance companies, and defense attorneys.   We are ready to fight for you.